NYC Women’s 1/2 Marathon


I haven’t done this race in a few years, but it’s a really fun evening and day in NYC with the girls. It’s a 2 loop course in Central Park, sort of hilly, but well supported and fun. It fits in perfectly with training for the Eagleman 70.3 on June 9th and will make sure I start doing the necessary milage. You might be able to do a 5k without too much training, even a 10k, but for a 1/2 marathon it’s important to get in those higher milage days so you don’t hurt yourself. Beyond 6-7 miles it’s important to build slowly and get your body used to going longer, increasing 1 mile per week. Lucky for me I still have a few more weeks of unstructured training especially because with the snow on the ground I’m forced to make friends with the treadmill! So if there are any of you that are interested in this race, let’s join up and have a blast!


10 thoughts on “NYC Women’s 1/2 Marathon

  1. This was good for me to read. I think my 1/2 will have to wait til next year. I have never done more than 4 miles (and my knee hurt for a week). I am training for an April sprint and the 1/2 is two weeks later. I think it’s too much too soon. You will do awesome though!!!

  2. I’m already signed up for another half that’ll be a couple weeks later, so I won’t do this one. But I have another friend who will be running this, do I’ll come out to support her.

      1. No, I’m doing the half at the Verrazano Running Festival on April 26th. It was supposed to have happened in Nov, but got cancelled because of Sandy.

        Palisades looks to be a tough half. I remember the inclines when I watched my bf completing the NYC Ironman.

      2. Ah cool–that’s a good tip –all my peeps agreed that ironman run was brutal! I think I know what I’m not even tempted to do now—thank you! And happy training —next week will be warmer for us! 🙂

  3. I would have *loved* to join you for this (although I can guarantee I would be MUCH slower… and, on the upside, make you look even awesomer by comparison), but I’ll be out of town that weekend. 😦 Have such a great time!

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