2013 Trisports.com Team of Champions


I am so honored to be able to announce that this year I am part of the 2013 Trisports.com Team of Champions! Thank you readers for being part of my inspiration and support in this endeavor. I’ll be wearing their cool race kit and as a bonus to all of you there is a 15% discount all year if you just plug-in: EMCCOURT at checkout. (I’ll keep it on my page so you don’t have to remember it–and some things (like Zipp wheels and Garmin) are excuded so please double check.)

I was already a supporter of this environmentally friendly company in Tucson, so being an ambassador for them was no problem at all. Since I was never athletically gifted enough to fulfill my childhood fantasy of being an Olympian, receiving this sponsorship was absolutely thrilling! It’s my hope to use this blog and the sponsorship to continue to inspire people to tri. To me, it’s almost more satisfying to help someone finish a race than it even is to complete it myself. And I look to all of you to please help ‘pay it forward’ and inspire someone else this year!

Leanda is on the professional Trisports.com Team of Champions!
Leanda is on the professional Trisports.com Team of Champions!

19 thoughts on “2013 Trisports.com Team of Champions

  1. Never athletically gifted either, I am especially grateful to be able to do this; to live this livestyyle. Play it forward …it just seem like the right thing to do if you have received the gift.

      1. The champions team does require an application and the deadline just passed. I think there are about 80 people. Go on the website so you can try for next year! This year I shifted and am now on Team Betty of Betty Designs. 🙂

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