How Elizabeth became a sponsored triathlete

My fellow blogger and triathlete pal Tanya did another interview about my sponsorship. Tanya and her daughter Colleen are two people who inspired me with their grit and determination. Check out her blog tomorrow to follow up and see how her family team does in their first triathlon of the season! Cheers to girl-power and to all who Tri!


Well, this is cool: Seems that Elizabeth — aka the blogger triathlonobsession and a major inspiration in my efforts to “tri” — has picked up a sponsorship. This year she’ll be competing in the official team uniform of

So what does this mean, to be a sponsored athlete? Who knew that could even happen to someone in their 40s? Naturally, I had to know more …

Q. How will your racing be different this year now that you’re on a team?

A. Not much will change in terms of racing, but I have to wear their race kit (see below) which looks pretty cool. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Q. How will your training be different?

A. The team is based in Tucson and the members are all over the world. So although I’ll hear about their workouts, I won’t be participating with them. They…

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