New Gear!


My bootie arrived today! I’m excited to be part of the team. And I’ve been suckered into my first race of the season next Saturday. I’m the girl-member and 20k bike of an interesting race put on by a local brewery. It’s a beer chug, indoor rowing, 20k bike, 5k run and a final beer chug. I agreed to do it so long as I didn’t have to chug. Last race I went to like this was a 5k in New Orleans that had beers at the finish line. What’s the craziest race you’ve ever participate in?


18 thoughts on “New Gear!

  1. Great looking kit!! I don’t drink beer so I’d definitely need a stunt double for the chugs! 😉 – Simone

  2. I’ll over & do beer chug for you ! Had a swift half pint in last weeks Reading half marathon – practise for London marathon of course ! Had a pint on route at mile 18 in 2011 🙂
    Nice team kit by the way.

  3. That’s a nice kit! Your first race of the season sounds awesome! I love beer!!! Craziest race I’ve done (came 3rd in as well) was the Tour de Donut. Ride 7 miles, eat a lot of donuts, ride 7 miles, eat more donuts and ride 7 miles to the finish.

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