Training With Caffeine


Good coffee, really good coffee, is the only coffee worth drinking in my book. However, I actually drink more caffeinated coffee when I’m on vacation than in my regular life. In training, I will have a few caffeinated gels mid-race, but rarely before. Caffeine can make me too nervous or anxious, but I don’t know why vacation is the exception. I know many athletes use it as an essential pre-race jolt. It’s definitely something to experiment with in training. You don’t want to find out that it makes you jumpy the morning of the race.

If you want to make the good stuff at home, you need to invest in a Nespresso Citiz and automatic frother. (I bought the combo on sale for $249 so look for specials!) Ironman champions Hillary Biscay, Maik Twelsiek and the Lovatos cannot be wrong. After a lot of research, I based my purchase on their reviews. It’s so good, it’s actually saved us money since it makes better coffee than going out!

How do you utilize caffeine in training or racing or otherwise? What’s your favorite coffee?



9 thoughts on “Training With Caffeine

  1. Ahh… I too get rather anxious and jumpy with coffee. And like you, only drink it on vacation, or on a particularly lazy weekend when nothing is on my mind. If i’m running anything longer than 15K, i’ll eat some GU gels (with caffeine), and some energy beans during the run. Never before though! And I swear by my drink, ‘Ultima’. A powder you mix into water… it can be found at the Running Room and is all natural. Vitamins and electrolytes only!

    1. I’ll have to check out Ultima–sounds interesting. Guess we’re just hyper enough without the caffeine jolt–funny that vacation time is when you have indulge too. Weird phenomenon huh? 🙂

  2. I am good with coffee. Like you said, good coffee is the only coffee worth drinking. I grind my own beans fresh for every pot. Love the caffeinated gels too. Never found myself jumpy by drinking before an event. I remember one time running the San Antonio Marathon about 20 years ago. We passed through downtown and the smell of a coffee shop filled the air. Never wanted a cup of coffee so badly.

  3. Nice review. Blending it in, drinking it early on a training day is a boon. Drinking it to stay awake to get some reading in on vacation is a true privilege. Nearly always drink it black.

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