Early Season Mistakes


The More Women’s 1/2 Marathon was part of a plan to get me running outside when I would otherwise be too wimpy with our delayed East Coast spring. It worked and I remembered how much I love running long. I find it relaxing to be alone, listening to my breathing and appreciating that my body can run so far away from home and back. I had a new pair of my trusty K-Swiss K-ona’s that I broke out last 20130415-130637.jpgweek to break in a little bit since I could tell that my current pair was getting too old. I ran 10.5 miles last Sunday and my left knee ended up feeling a little wonky, not hurt, just something not quite right. So this Sunday, like a dummy, I figured I give it another go with the same sneakers, threw them in my bag and then headed to NYC with the girls. After check-in, we had a really excellent meal at a French Bistro along with a little glass of Sancerre. Even though I’d never drink anything alcoholic before a triathlon, since this was a training run, I didn’t see anything wrong. It complimented the meal and I complimented it with a good amount of water.

Race morning I felt relaxed and ready to enjoy Central Park which is such a treat to run in even with the few hills that sneak up on you. The good news is that my knee felt totally fine. The bad news is that around mile 6 (when winner Deena Kastor lapped my group which was actually pretty cool to watch as she whizzed by!) my right ankle started to feel a little sore. Unfortunately the longer I ran the20130415-130650.jpg worse it felt. I stopped to stretch and wondered if it was the lack of hill training. I gave myself a little walk, but it hurt more to walk than to run. By the last 2 miles I was near tears it was so painful. I crossed the line in about the time it took for the ladies to finish the Boston Marathon but I was glad that I finished although I was hobbling.

When I took off my sneakers, I noticed that there was an odd bump in the heel that must have pinched me around my achilles and of course I just made it worse by not stopping. So I’ve benched myself for the week (not like it’s possible to run anyhow) and I learned a few things. Um, break your darn sneakers in for a few weeks prior to your race even if they are the same exact ones you’ve bough for years. (I shudder to think how I would have felt if I’d saved these shoes for Eagleman.) And, it was pretty dumb to continue when I could have easily bailed out at mile 6 when I started to feel questionable, although as you know this can be a tough call. The rest of me felt great even with the hills, so that’s the positive and of course it was a fun time and really nice to have an all women event. I’ll be taking it easy this week and hope that this recovery will be swift so I can get back on the track! (Girls on the Track was planned for this Thursday but now must be reschedule!)



17 thoughts on “Early Season Mistakes

  1. Hope your ankle feels better soon. I had achilles problems for over six months, I found orthotics and compression tights really helped. Now I don’t run without them.

    1. That’s what scared me a bit because I know an Achilles issue can take a long time–but hopefully I’ll feel better shortly since it’s more tender/bruise-like. Although I have got a compression sock on now! Thanks!

  2. The MORE is a great race, and a good way to kick off the outdoor running season. Thanks for sharing your reminders with us: train in your new shoes a few times before a race, and don’t push through unnecessary pain. Glad your injury is one that requires only a brief hiatus. Great job on the race!!

  3. Wow, sorry to hear about the ankle and hopefully its nothing serious and heals right away. I completely agree with the new shoes – when I got mine it took 2-3 weeks before some calf tightness went away… Also very brave for having the Sancerre. I’ve seen a lot of people drink the night before and a few the morning of. I’d be way too nervous!

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