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Well, I’ve been an indoor biking maniac these past 2 weeks and today I was back in the saddle with Coach Troy from Spinervals today doing the Ironman course in Kona for a few hours. Unfortunately, my injury has me sidelined from running right now. It’s a peroneal tendon strain which takes a while to recover. I’m trying not to let it get me down and have accepted the fact that Eagleman might turn into an Aqua-bike, which I am okay with. I’m always amazed when I hear people running a marathon on a broken foot (yes, I’ve finished a sprint tri on one once when I fell and didn’t realize it.). However, I’m in this for the long haul and don’t want to screw myself up by elongating the injury. Who knows—I might be better by June 9th, but if not, I’ll make sure to have fun regardless.

I’ll admit, not running makes me feel like a bit of a prisoner in my own body, yet I know I’ll heal and am very fortunate for that. How do you deal with being sidelined?


22 thoughts on “Coach Troy & Me

  1. Sorry to hear about your injury Elizabeth, I hope it heals soon. I am the world’s worst patient when I am sidelined with injury. I had an achilles problem most of last year, but tried to just concentrate on what I could do rather than what I couldn’t. It is hard though and I feel for you. Take care! – Simone

    1. Thanks Simone! Not surprisingly, I’m feeling a bunch better since I’m not having to hobble around as much as I did last week, I’m not going to run yet but I’m feeling optimistic! :). Elizabeth

  2. Feel better soon. I always get a little anxious when I’m injured because I feel like I’m “falling behind,” but as you said, it’s much better to rest now and get better sooner than to train and risk being sidelined even longer. Definitely doing other exercises that don’t aggravate the injury helps keeps the anxiety and frustration at bay.

  3. Doing the same here with a hamstring injury..Me and Coach Troy are well acquainted. And, I like what you said, that you are in this for the long haul so you are taking care of the injury. So am I. It took a while to get only this much sense. I have ran on almost every injury I have had and stretched out the recovery time on them all. Maybe age and experience are finally sinking in to this old hard head.

    1. Oh bummer Marvin! Hope you feel better soon too–hamstrings are another tricky injury. Go back too soon and you retweek as I too have done before. I’m really trying to be good! 🙂

  4. I spentmuch of summer of 2011 with tendinitis in both Achilles tendons. Hurt to to walk to bathroom in a.m. Lots of stretching, change in diet (no more cheese or other dairy), new shoes (running and everyday shoes) and then lots of walk breaks in my runs. Now I’m pain free and running faster and farther than ever before. It was tough not running. I had to give up running a half marathon and run/walk a 4-miler instead. Good luck with your recovery.

    1. Thanks mike! It is hard not running. Was the no dairy something a that was recommended to you? It’s so hard to eliminate because I do enjoy it. I’d be curious how it made you feel with your running.

      Nice reminder that you come back stronger–thank you! Elizabeth

  5. How do you find the Kona DVD? I was close to getting it a couple of months back, but I couldn’t end up bringing myself to do it, as I figured I could probably live without it. Is it good inspiration for aspiring Iron-peoples?

    1. Hi Sean! The DVD was a gift. I think Troy’s other DVDs are better for a hard workout. Kona is pretty mellow but it was perfect for an injury spin for a few hours. Don’t feel like you’re missing too much by not having this one. Elizabeth

  6. I really hope it’s better in time for your June race. You sure are positive about it though! And you’re right, you have to think of the long run. I always tend to forget that. The definite bright side is that you can bike hard!

    1. Thanks Abby–me too! It’s hard not to get too ambitious–felt great yesterday (worlds better actually) and went for a 25 minute walk—which aggravated my calf. ARGH! At least my ankle didn’t hurt. Patience, patience, patience! 🙂

  7. Oh the peroneal! My nemesis.

    Have you considered trying to find an alter-g antigravity treadmill near you? I have used this to manage peroneal tendonitis, and most recently my bruised femurs, and one of my club mates is using it to rehab from a broken foot. We both ran at 10% body weight, which is great for working on form. I have built back up to 60% body weight for my longer “runs”. It is an excellent rehab tool and I am hoping to keep it integrated to keep my run fitness up while managing pesky problems.

    1. Hmmm. Never saw one but will look for it. Been trying the elliptical b/c that doesn’t put pressure on it. Michael just thinks I’m a nut on the bike trainer. I haven’t wanted to bike outside for fear of the short stop and clip out which could aggravate it. You’re right–it’s indeed a pesky problem to have peroneal tendonitis! 🙂 Hope you feel 100% soon!

  8. Hope you recover soon – slow and steady! At least you’ve got Troy to keep you company – it’s coming into winter down here now, so we’ll be pulling out the Spinervals soon and putting in some hours with supercoach Troy too 🙂

    1. Thanks Lucy! I’m feeling much better and actually dreaming about running. It’s about time I ride outside since its gotten warmer here. I must admit I’m very wimpy when it’s cold because I don’t like to be uncomfortable on the bike. Except in a race —then I can seem to forget about that rule! :). Hope you’re feeling better yourself!

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