Everyone Must Follow the Rules of the Road

Sitting outside my office because I forgot my keys!
Sitting outside my office because I forgot my keys!

As I try to get out and ride to work once per week (a nice 36 miles round trip), it’s important to watch out for those texting drivers, the ones who try to beat you to a turn, along with the ones that get close enough for me to knock on their window and ask them to move over. However, it’s our job as cyclists to also respect the rules of the road so that in turn, hopefully, those drivers will respect us. Having had many friends get hit or almost hit by cars, I do wish everyone a very safe and enjoyable biking season!

Are you able to commute to work by bike one day per week?

Please Follow the Rules of the Road.


11 thoughts on “Everyone Must Follow the Rules of the Road

  1. The roads around me are far too narrow for my comfort for a commute. My state recently passed a statute requiring driving to be no closer than 4 feet to cyclists and I do see (usually when I’m out running) that drivers are paying heed and are more conscientious.

    1. I totally understand —if I didn’t have a very wide and ample shoulder I definitely wouldn’t do it. Nice to see that the drivers where you are share. That makes a big difference! 🙂

  2. I completely agree. It’s easy to get frustrated at those vehicles, but showing your anger won’t help out other cyclists or runners.
    Nice you commute once a week! I’m just to scared to ride to work.

    1. I’ll admit–the ride home did not have stand still traffic and that was a bit more hairy and stressful. However, with the summer season started here, I am actually beating the cars and work trucks so it was much safer and less scary on the way there. I found it pretty relaxing. But I totally understand your fears—-because I’m a bit scared too! 🙂

  3. I bicycle daily to work. Occasionally, a car will get too close, but for the most part I haven’t had too many problems. I did nearly get hit by a horse-drawn carriage one night. The woman driving the carriage started out into the intersection while she had the red light. I had my headlight on and she apologized for running the red light. She even mentioned that she saw my light. I don’t think if I would have hit that horse either of us would be too happy.

    1. Now, I’m going to guess you live in PA if you have a horse and buggy to contend with. That would be very scary to be hit by a horse for all of you! Good for you for doing a daily commute! 🙂

      1. Actually, I live in Indiana, and we do have a fair number of Amish nearby, but this horse and carriage was not Amish. During the Christmas holiday and in the summer, carriage rides are offered through the downtown area, it was one of those horse-drawn carriages that nearly hit me.

  4. I’m going to start half-commuting by bike once a week with my father, who is an avid bike commuter. I live too far from my job to do the full commute (unless I never wanted to see my kids before or after work and had buns of steel), so we’ll drive to where there is a bike path and commute from there. I’m a bit nervous about the inner-city portion of it though!

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