Triathlon Obsession Featured on the Blog

Lucy & Me 2013
Lucy & Me 2013

This week I’m the featured on for my blog post about the importance of sunscreen. Please check out the post and “Like” it for me. Also know you can use my discount code (EMCCOURT) for 15% off.

As I head off to Cambridge, Maryland tonight, I take with me the same thoughts I had on sunscreen and sun protection from last years race in Haines City, Florida at the Florida 70.3. The water temperature is already at 75 degrees so it will likely be a non-wetsuit swim, which is fine for me and probably gives me a tiny advantage over those people who have discomfort without their wetsuit. They are predicting 80 degrees air temperature which should be perfect. I’m looking forward to a great weekend at the Eagleman 70.3!


11 thoughts on “Triathlon Obsession Featured on the Blog

  1. Great post. So question, do you put your arm coolers on before the swim or in T1? I’m getting ready for Ironman and am still waiting for my coolers to be delivered. I’m leaning towards wearing the arm coolers the whole time.

    1. Hi Russell–
      I think you mentioned in one of your posts that you’re doing Tahoe, right? My best advice would be try them and see how it feels to you. I actually don’t wear them in the swim. I put them on my wrists in T1 and then pull them up when I dry a bit. I know I did this in Florida partially because it was a non-wetsuit swim and I didn’t want anything on my arms. Do a test run in your wetsuit and then see how it works for you when you pull your wetsuit off. That’s going to give you the answer you want. Happy training and best wishes in your Ironman! Elizabeth

  2. Great article on sunscreen, Elizabeth. I very seldom go out the door without it regardless of the weather. Not a tri person, so the arm coolers are new to me, but is sounds like a product that would be good for a warm weather marathon.

    1. Definitely! They would absolutely work for a running race as well. You can put ice in them, drench them and of course they protect you from the sun as well. Thanks for commenting! Elizabeth

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