Racing Songs to Motivate

Mostly I’m a purist and don’t use an iPod to run and never on the bike. But sometimes on a long run, I’ll treat myself to the iPod for the back 1/2 of the run depending on how I’ve chosen to loop. (I have a 2 mile, 5k, 10k, 15k loop system that I use and I leave fuel at the house to pick-up). I do like to listen to music before a race before I get out of my car. In a straight running race, sometimes I’ll use the iPod and I like to listen to what I affectionately call “spin-trash.” (Trashy boppy music that my spin class teacher uses!) Jai Ho is one of my favorites that I’ll use in a 5k, although sometimes I’ll look down and be aghast because it makes my pace unsustainably fast! I like Lose Yourself because there’s nothing better than an underdog story to motivate. On that long back-half distance run I like Adina Howard’s Freak Like Me—it’s got an awesome pacing beat if you double time the rhythm and it calms me down into a good pace.

What are some of your motivating or pace-setting songs?


7 thoughts on “Racing Songs to Motivate

  1. I’ve dropped running for a while (at least till winter) and ear buds don’t mix with cycling but twice in the last week I did use my iPhone to blast out a couple of jams on a really tough climb, just to distract me. My playlist is all metal, Dokken, Prong, Rob Zombie, Metallica etc.. My wife, on the other hand likes to regularly blare her music while she’s riding because it distracts her from her negative thinking. To me, it’s a huge distraction that detracts from my ride. I’m more of a purist as well when it comes to tunes – just don’t like ’em during a workout.

    1. I’ve never, nor will I ever use earbuds on a bike. I do also like the purity of the riding experience along with the safety! For a run I feel differently and although usually go without music I do find it fun! 🙂

  2. I haven’t run with music for years. It’s my time to think and plan for the day. I do miss it sometimes, though, especially on my really long runs of plus 10 miles. Love your blog posts. Tracy (

    1. Thanks for reading Tracy! I mostly go without music because it is so meditative. On really long runs I’m particularly reflective and I actually relish that time alone. The music is a treat!

  3. I’ve always been one who runs with my iPod, however I am beginning to get used to not having tunes in my ears to get used to my own thoughts for long periods of time for Ironman. On the road bike, I never use music, not safe, but on my mountain bike I don’t mind putting the tunes in, cranking them up and ripping up some ground! 🙂 I like music that has a decent beat and is empowering doesn’t matter what genre.

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