Kona Contenders Take Mont-Tremblant

Pure Joy! Photo by Nils Nilson
Pure Joy!

There is nothing like a photo like this, by Nils Nilson, that captures pure joy, that joy that’s like Olympian joy of winning a medal. Luke Bell proved today that his first Ironman win in Australia was no fluke. Bell is now a legitimate Kona contender and I guarantee that you will see him vying for a podium spot this October. Mary Beth Ellis has put her winning ways to smarter use this year so that she can truly be a contender utilizing her power and not arrive overcooked. A lot of athletes looking for points got what they needed this weekend but others will be off the list. Bree Wee needed to get the points here to be able to race in her hometown but finishing 11th, one position shy of what she needed, will sadly have her trying again next year.

What do you think of the KPR system? Do you think it makes people over-race? Do qualified athletes (and contenders) sometimes fall out of the numbers? Or do you think that for the most part, the right people are at the start?


4 thoughts on “Kona Contenders Take Mont-Tremblant

      1. Very, very cool. Not so cool though when we could hear some of the spectators talking about his win when I was very early into the marathon! I still had 5 hours+ in front of me 🙂

      2. Oh, that hurts! I try to make it a habit of erasing what I just did (ie. pretending I’m fresh at the start of the run) and moving forward! Hearing that is like salt in the wound! 🙂

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