Tomato Season Strikes!


I love gardening and I love how good the tomatoes taste from my garden. They are different. More flavorful, less watery and of course organically delicious. However, I was getting tired of chopped tomatoes in my salad. And I had a bit of backlog on the tomato patch because I was avoiding nightshades for a period of time while I was healing my broken foot and I’ve been really too busy to get creative.

This is a tasty 10 minute fix for an alternative that still holds in all their juicy flavor. I turned my oven on broil but if you had more patience than I did, I’d say about 350 for about 10 minutes.

2-3 thickly sliced tomoatoes
salt, pepper, oregano to taste
2 tbsp. of pine nuts sprinkled on top (important for texture)
1/2 slice of fresh mozzarella on top of each tomato slice
Drizzle of olive oil on each piece
1 dab of fresh parsley pesto on top of each tomato slice

I put the tomatoes in the oven and then proceeded to make the salad with fresh beets, olives and goat cheese. I had some leftover French lentils that were perfect to serve under my baked tomatoes. I took them out of the oven (maybe 7 minutes) and sprinkled another dash of salt and pepper and served. A very simple and delicious meal and super easy alternative way to serve up these lovely tomatoes. Now, I’ve got to get creative with some good salsa and maybe some sauce! Enjoy!

How are you getting creative with your garden tomatoes?



8 thoughts on “Tomato Season Strikes!

  1. Our tomato season is past, but we’ll have another of green tomatoes in the fall. I fed Tom insalata caprese (sp?) until he was sick of it. I made lots of stewed tomatoes and froze them, but the best thing I tried was slicing them and dehydrating them. They are SO good. Next year, I’m definitely going to dry more than stew.

    1. I haven’t done dehydration in a long time. It’s fun but it is always amazing the volume you need to get a small bag of dehydrated veggies/fruit. I’m going to make some salsa but I may very well need to stew some this weekend! πŸ™‚

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