Gazpacho with Olives


I’ve been wanting to make gazpacho, not only because I have an abundance of tomatoes, but I’ve also never made it before. The night before I pulsed some salsa and with the water content of the fresh tomatoes, a few more pulses could have made soup. So after consulting a few recipes, I decided to make my own. With the juiciness of the fresh tomatoes I did not feel the need to add tomato juice. I did the entire batch in my Vita-mix –the indispensable kitchen tool!

I was making gazpacho for 4 people so I pulsed, tomatoes, 1/2 an onion, 1 cubanelle pepper from my garden (medium heat), carrots, salt, pepper, New Mexico green chili powder, garlic power (I accidentally ran out of fresh garlic–oops!), a small handful of fresh cilantro, 3 tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar, 1 fresh squeezed lime and I added a little filtered water to smooth it out.

olives-453x300The secret ingredient was Verdi Olives (from Costco). I threw a 1/2 cup in to puree and then cut some up to place on top as garnish. These olives have a mild, creamy flavor and are only slightly salty. The only tastier olives I’ve had were from a little tiny shop in Italy that was only open for 1 day before they went on holiday and I was left to savor than only dream about said buttery olives!

After you’ve finished pulsing everything until fairly smooth, chop up a tomato and throw it in for texture. Then serve with the fresh topped olives. If you want to add cold cooked shrimp, I think it goes very nicely. Enjoy!


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