Who’s Your Pick for the Men in Kona

With so many strong contenders this weekend, it’s hard to pick someone that clearly comes out on top on the men’s side. We all know former 3-time champion Crowie never comes to the start line thinking he can lose. After a not so great result last year and now in his 40’s you can bet he’d like to go down in history as the man who not only holds the record for being the oldest winner at Kona at 38 at his last in, but to trump that and be the oldest winner at 40. Could German and 2013 70.3 World Champion Sebastian Keinle do a Norminator (Norman Stadler)and execute a lead so great on the bike that he runs away with the win without a challenge? Can Spaniard Eneko Llanos, under the coaching genius of Dave Scott assert his strength and skills for not only a podium finish, but a win? Did current champion Pete Jacobs save it all year for another fastest run and repeat performance to retain the crown? Or can Andy Potts, America’s best hope, pull off the unexpected and battle with the Aussies and Germans to take the win home?

What do you think? Who will win and who are you rooting for?


9 thoughts on “Who’s Your Pick for the Men in Kona

  1. Andreas Raelert…maybe but it is a toss up…there are so many great athletes and a little gliche here and there; a little nagging pain, a little nutrition error…anything little could tip the scales in any direction…I can’t wait to watch.

  2. Andreas Raelert did not look great at Muskoka a few weks ago. This year there are so may that could win:

    Tim O’Donnel
    Andy Potts
    Pete Jacobs
    Trevor Wurtele

    I think the winner will come out of this group.

  3. Elizabeth, Any idea where to get ahold of a televised recording of the race? Inspiring to hear that a former Steeler finished it after years of getting hit.

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