Kona: The Women – Mark Your Favorite!


There are so many strong women in the field, it’s hard to decide if you root for one or all of them! Wouldn’t it be wild if Natasha Badmann used her super smile and super skill to beat them all at 46? I love the comeback story of Mary Beth Ellis, just a few weeks off shoulder surgery, coming through for the win. Or even Meredith Kessler, one of the sweetest gals on the circuit, powering through 2 major bike crashes earlier this season to pull out a mentally tough win. It would also be great to see Xena – the Warrior Princess but truly shy and sweet gal Caroline Steffen stay strong on the run and have the race her coach and all know she is capable of. But what do you guys think? Pick your winner and your dark horse and let me know! I pick Caroline as my winner and Natasha as my dark horse. (Can’t help it—I love Natasha and her ultimately positive live life attitude!)


9 thoughts on “Kona: The Women – Mark Your Favorite!

  1. Hard to know which one to root for, and it must be worse knowing many of them personally. All inspire, putting themselves into the race zone, being changed by that. To excel and keep the torch of capability burning is something everyone needs to see and emulate. Love your enthusiasm for your sport.

      1. It’s okay! I did too. And I like giving them even if people don’t accept them–it’s nice recognition and gets more traffic. 🙂

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