The return of winter running

With the snow today and chilly weather, I’ve got to ‘toughen up buttercup!” and make sure I get out once a week to run. My Canadian blogger pals do it and I know it’s much much colder there. Here’s to inspiring some winter running outside!

Change of Pace

Sore back, tight hamstrings and calf muscles, and a chill that won’t go away. That can only mean one thing: the return of winter running.

I went for my first true outdoor run of the winter season this weekend that included frigid temperatures, uneven snow, and some hidden slick spots.

I suffer growing pains at the start of every winter before my body adjusts. My sore body is a reminder to ease into it.

I woke up on Saturday to fluffy snowflakes falling. I knew I wanted to get in a long run and this was the perfect setting for it. So I donned my layers, threw on my shoes, and hit the snow. I am the queen of falling but managed to stay upright all run.

Regardless of whether I fell or not, I learned my lesson and should have eased into the winter running game instead of going…

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