Swimming Tips & Sharks

Off season is a great time to work on some swim technique. In the past few years, I’ve been swimming less, but still 2 times per week because I enjoy it. I’ve somewhat plateaued with my swimming speed but still want to maintain my endurance (I can swim forever!). I’ve also decided that the better value for me is to improve my bike and my run since I feel I can make better gains. In other words, I’ve come to terms with the status of myleopardsharks swim. I’ve gone from side-stroker extraordinaire to someone who can hold their own solid mid-pack in a 70.3 or higher in a local race. I have an unreasonable fear of sharks, but still get in the water anyway. (I still haven’t recovered from my parents taking us to the beach after watching Jaws at a matinee with my grandma!) There are some so called vegetarian sharks (Leopard Sharks) in La Jolla where I surf that keep me from wiping out!

Anyway, it’s always good to work on technique and then speed when the season kicks back up again. Here are some great tips from Joanna Zeiger:


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