Balance: A New Year’s Resolution


I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I like to have goals and ideas of what I want to accomplish and I’ll even make lists, but I’ll do this often and not just for the opening of the New Year. An old friend passed on a good idea on Facebook that I think is not only doable, but inspiring. The goal is to pick one word to focus on for the new year and let that be your inspiration in everything that you do.

I picked balance, not because I don’t feel balanced, but because I think it’s so important to have balance in my life both emotionally and physically. Physically, I need to work on balance exercises to keep the bones in my feet strong so they don’t break again. And of course, the balance of training and having fun. Having fun and being serious is something I also need to balance. Managing the balance of intensity and stress of work is important too. After surfing in Costa Rica I’m balancing better on my surfboard as you can see as well. So therein lies the theme of balance in every aspect of my life. I’m looking forward to an amazing 2014!

Please think about your one word inspiration for the New Year and post it here, not only for your own inspiration but for everyone to be inspired too!


19 thoughts on “Balance: A New Year’s Resolution

  1. My one word for 2014 is also “balance.” I have found that since I have started to do more hot yoga recently, the balance in my personal life, my work life, my training life, my mental life, my friend life and my family life all could use some individual focus, but I also need to focus on getting them all to mesh together better as well. Balance will be my focus word in 2014.

    1. Ah…..therein lies one of the reasons that I haven’t done Ironman (yet!). I know it can definitely be all consuming so make sure to have fun on your rest days! And best wishes for your Ironman journey!

      1. So very true! I’m always enjoying the journey knowing that one day I will do one. (cross your fingers that this year I get my lottery slot for Kona!) Eagleman 70.3 is my “A” this year.

  2. My word for the year is Love. I’ve a lot of change that’s happened around me in the last 6 months and it’s knocked the wind out of some familial relationships, and in some instances been heartbreaking. But love needs to remain at the core, and when I put love into the equation it helps to remove any of the trivial exchanges that emerge in times of high anxiety. Also, if I treat myself with love, I’ll take better care of myself all the way around. Seems like a good 2014 goal. Thanks for the thoughtful post. Looking good on the board! 🙂

  3. I do the same thing, as far as not setting “new years resolutions,” I set goals all year long! At the beginning of each year, I sit and wait for schedules to come out so I can begin to plan my year in the way of “what half will I run and what will my goal for that be?” … those types of goals. I blogged similarly about my fitness goals over the next year… but not as new years resolutions. I love the idea of chosing a word to focus on for the year. I believe my word for this year will be DETERMINATION. Thank you for sharing – you have given me some new perspective and focus for this year.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Determination is an awesome theme for your year! I’m so glad you found inspiration from this post, and in turn, I found inspiration from you and the others who shared their word. It’s just a cool thing–so simple but the words are powerful!

  4. spirit

    The depthless, fathomless, soaringly timeless, state of being arising when a person digs deep enough to leave body and mind behind and achieve what those two weaker vessels could not on their own.

    An example, yes, the night raid at Riva, but digging deeper the next day against stiff resistance to take Mt. Belvedere:

    This is relative to mental and physical conditioning, for the person with lesser conditioning, if their body then mind gives way earlier than those more advanced in body and mind training, the spirit kicks in sooner. And for the advanced athlete, warrior, whatever…later, perhaps.

    Will we ever come to the point where we run, perform, act, compete, work, and achieve from this state of being from the beginning of the effort, mind and body moved efficiently from this zone in our being? That would be a breakthrough. What endurance, strength, and other qualities would be possible then? Where are the limits? I guess we really don’t know yet, and that is an exciting frontier that those of us in a boundary set world can escape to every day.

    This will be a post at my blog, with credit to your New Year’s post as inspiration.

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