Olympic and Brotherly Love


As you all probably remember, I absolutely LOVE the Olympics and I especially love an inspirational story like this one. Canadian Alexandre Bilodeau won gold in men’s moguls Monday, but says that it’s his older brother Frederic who is the real hero.

“Even if it’s raining outside, or minus-40, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God I don’t want to go train today. It wouldn’t be a big difference skipping one day, but looking at my brother, to be able to give him that chance of being in my body for one day, and going to the Olympics, he would jump in my shoes and go out there and run a marathon. So I’m like ‘OK, let’s stick to the plan, let’s go.”

“Most of his dreams are not realistic, and when I think about it, I’m like ‘where are my limits?’ I have remember that,” Bilodeau explained. “And out of respect for my brother I have to go after these dreams and to do all within my power to try to make it happen.”


12 thoughts on “Olympic and Brotherly Love

  1. I’ve been struggling with my tri-training lately (I’ve had alot going on in my life), but this quote makes me want to get back out there and get going again. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

    1. You are so very welcome! It makes me happy that you found inspiration in this—it really does make me so very grateful for what I can physically do. That’s why when I race, I try to dedicate it to someone-which always makes me stronger. 🙂

  2. People who work to serve others talk about the life changing effects of service. Perhaps winning for his brother gives Alexandre the motivational edge, which translates to the training and competitive edge, that puts him on top of the podium. It’s awesome that he exalts his brother. The two of them get to enjoy that medal, which is so much more rewarding to them and the spectators than a solo victory.

    (G)O! Canada!

  3. Thank you for sharing–I’ve not been watching the Olympics much but when I do I absolutely love to hear stories like this. Helps to keep even the smaller aspirations in perspective. Without the smaller goals, we can’t achieve the big dreams!

    1. Hi there Laura! Thx for commenting. What you said is so very true. The other story that I know you will like is about a skier named Gus who is saving the stray puppies of Sochi. Very very sweet story. Be well and stay warm! xo

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