Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s Recognize Some Amazing Female Athletes, Shall We?

I thank Move Eat Create for this post about Inernational Women’s Day and in celebration I’ll mention some fabulously inspiring women that have made a difference in Triathlon:

1. Paula Newby- Frasier
2. Chrissie Wellington
3. Natasha Badmann
4. Erin Baker
5. Loretta Harrop
6. Emma Snowstill
7. Mirinda Carfrae
8. Sarah Reinertsen

Whether it be a professional athlete or not, who are some women that inspire you and why? Let’s celebrate!

Move Eat Create

It’s International Women’s Day (i.e. my favorite holiday)!

I realize that many of you might not even know that this day of recognition exists, but it’s been on my radar for a very long time now and I always celebrate, even if only introspectively.  Professionally, I’ve worked as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence (largely gender-based violence) for many years.  Personally, I’ve been an all-around advocate for gender equality for as long as I can remember.  So March 8th always feels like a holiday to me – a day to celebrate and honor my people.

I’ve been deeply privileged to know a great many incredible women throughout my life and I’ve been inspired by thousands more that I’ve never met in person.  With that said, it’s only been over the last few years since I started running that I’ve truly connected with finding inspiration in women athletes.

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10 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s Recognize Some Amazing Female Athletes, Shall We?

    1. You know Chrissie was part of the coalition to get the women’s Tour de France—I love that she’s passionate about helping women. Outside of triathlon I like Sheryl Sanberg, the COO of Facebook–read her book Lean In–very inspiring! 🙂

      1. I did know that about Chrissie, but thanks for the tip on Sheryl Sanberg. I’ll definitely look for her book!! 😉

  1. Angela Naeth. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is today. She’s battled adversity and overcome injury. She’s in a great place now and seems to be poised for a GREAT 2014 season.

  2. Guess I missed international women’s day, but it’s still women’s history month, right? Temple Grandin isn’t a triathlon figure or even an athlete, but she’s incredibly inspiring as someone who put up with a lot of crap in a male-dominated industry, even as she was struggling with overcoming autism. (Having cattle innards smeared on your windshield sure puts whatever small slights I suffered as one of the first girls in my town to play boys little league in perspective.) Had a chance to meet Dr. Grandin, an autism pioneer who introduced humane cattle-management practices in slaughterhouses, after a lecture last week at my daughter’s college. There was a huge line at her book signing afterward but she took the time to ask my middle daughter (who’s on the spectrum) some questions about school. Very inspiring, tough woman. If she ever decided to take up triathlon (though she’s now in her 60s), I have no doubt she’d nail it.

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