Great Coaching is Inspiring!


I consider myself a bad weather gym person because once it gets nice I prefer to go outside. But this winter, for example, when we had over 80 days with freezing temperatures I was more than reluctant to go outside, I just didn’t do it. So, I go to the gym and I get inspired by my friend’s energetic spin class and this boot camp class designed by Webby. With my work schedule I can only manage the 5:45am hour workout on Wednesdays with Webby most weeks, which many think is crazy. But this young guy is gutsy and inspired, so much so, that you can actually seize the energy he puts out which wants to make you do better, get stronger and be happy.

He wrote “The Motto” and put it up on the wall at the gym. I loved it and asked him if I could share it because not only do I think it fully embodies his passion (which is contagious, I might add) but is truly words to live by and not just in the gym. So thank you Webby for helping me push myself and always making it worth it to wake up at the crack of dawn, even when it’s snowing and in single digits.

I’m going to read this when I get down on myself that I’m not fast enough or good enough because I’ll know that this is when I need to dig deep into myself. This embody’s Ironman or really every-man/woman who tries to push their limit. Please read this awesome post and let me know how it inspired you!

Falling down sucks! It gets to the point where you start to that that’s where your supposed to be. So many things, people, situations will trip you, push you and hold you down! And the only thing you have is the view of the stars and the question you ask yourself: what’s your limit? Sometimes when I look out into the water I see the only thing that makes sense, it’s funny because 85% of the ocean isn’t even discovered but I guess that’s how my life can relate!

Sometimes it’s the things we don’t see or don’t know that makes the most sense, and discovering your next step always seems like a process. You’re not alone, but when you feel alone know this: character is built when no one is watching. You already know what you want to do, you don’t need any clichés to reach, you don’t need anyone to fly, you don’t need a God damn thing to dream, the only thing you need is heart. And I promise you one thing whoever reads this; no one is ever going to take that away from me.

So as you lay down watching the stars or looking out into the ocean of the unknown tell yourself this: sky’s the limit and I’ll swim across the ocean to get there.” Webby



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