Making Your Own Carbohydrate Gels

Making your own gel is an awesome idea even if you are not spending a fortune on them. I’m curious to tweak this recipe as well! Thanks for the great idea from All Season’s Cyclist!

All Seasons Cyclist

Ingredients For Making Your Own Carbohydrate Gels Ingredients For Making Your Own Carbohydrate Gels

Last a fall I was out on a long bike ride with a friend of mine when he asked me how much money I spent a month on the carbohydrate gels I use. It was a question I really hadn’t thought much about before, but after doing a few quick calculations in my head I was shocked. Most of the carbohydrate gels I use are organic (a word usually synonymous with expensive), and during most of the year I go through 30 packs a week which comes out to $180 a month (I am so glad my wife never looks at the American Express statements). After I got home I decided to see if I could find a way to cut my expenses by creating my own carb gels, and at the end of this article you will find a few recipes…

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6 thoughts on “Making Your Own Carbohydrate Gels

  1. I have abandoned the use of gels altogether because it was too much work trying to keep my electrolytes in balance. Now I use electrolyte tablets and take in real food for caloric intake. Much better results.

    1. What kind of real food do you take? I find my body prefers liquid calories and then real food after to recover from “gu gut”. I also am a big fan of EFS because of the electrolyte content and the palatable taste of their low sweetness choices of flavor. 🙂

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