Kona Crazy!

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, and one year I’m going to be spending it LIVE in Kona either as a racer or volunteer.  I love all the hard work and grit it takes to get to this penultimate event. I’m always inspired when I watch.

I’m predicting a very exciting women’s race with Rinny to be the one to beat.   There are many contenders that will force her to have the race of her life: Rachel Joyce (looking to move up from runner up), Daniela Ryf (notably coached by Brett Sutton), the methodical Meredith Kessler,  Caroline Steffen (coached by former World Champ Chris McCormack), the happy go lucky and gritty Brit Liz Blatchford and I don’t think you can ever discount the 47 year old smiling Natasha Badmann (it would be record breaking if she won again but I do think the faster runners would have to have a very bad day!).   Who do you predict on the women’s side?   Who is the dark horse?


6 thoughts on “Kona Crazy!

  1. It would be hard to bet against Rinny for the title. But, I would just love it if Natasha could somehow pull this off. What a story…I would love the story of Crowie winning the men’s race but I think his “eye of the tiger” is missing this year. For the rest of the men; a toss-up depending on who is having what kind of day. I think Sebastian K. would be the man to beat if I had to pick one. Whoever wins, this Saturday will be a great day. Imagine all the hopes, the dreams, the fears, that are focused on this day right now. A day to remember for so many.

  2. It will be fun to watch. I know the pro race is awesome but more amazingly is the age groupers or the “inspire” stories which are what makes not only that race but the sport so special.

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