Inspirational Equestrian

Steph with Gryph & Lex
Steph with Gryph & Lex

Ever have someone do something so selfless and kind that you didn’t even know to thank them? Two years ago when hurricane Sandy hit, I made a post about sending donations to my late Uncle Michael’s parish in Staten Island. I got a call from an old friend out of the blue; Steph had read my post and was touched because she remembered my uncle fondly. Stephanie and I had grown up across the street from each other and played together inside and in the dirt pile by our houses (both with trucks, matchbox cars and barbies!) for our entire childhood. We’d lost touch and hadn’t spoken much in years. She was living in Utah and after a stint in New Mexico I was back in New York. Still, she called me on my cell and she spoke about what she might do to help with hurricane relief. I told her Uncle Michael’s church was poor and could probably use some warm clothes and I thanked her for anything she might do.

It wasn’t until a year later when I came across the photo of what she did and two years until I found out exactly what she’d done. The photo I finally found showed huge boxes reaching to the ceiling! She’d also connected with a horse show she was in and the organizer agreed to help her. She’d gotten her entire community to rally around a coat drive and other items (Home Depot cards, etc.) that she would send to Staten Island. The UPS store even donated some shipping. I couldn’t believe the kindness she’d shown truly out of the goodness of her heart. When I thanked her when I found out, she said she got a lot out of it just by doing it.

Now I’d like to see that goodhearted kindness come back to her. We’re new friends again since she moved back to New York and even though it’s been over 30 years (yikes!) since we’ve played in the dirt pile together, her passion for horses has never waned. She’s an accomplished and award winning equestrian as well as a teacher and a judge. She practices the art of dressage, which is a beautiful form of competitive riding. She and her horses are working to get to Florida for the winter to study full-time with Pam Goodrich so she can get her horse Gryph more confirmed at PSG and the I-1 in hope of competing the 2015 show season. Please read her story even if you don’t want to donate. Maybe pass her story on. Maybe give her a few dollars for her dream.

The one thing I can do to repay her kindness is to put this out there for her: Please take a look and pass it along to help Steph grab her dream!



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