I decided to switch things up this year and I am excited to announce that I have been chosen to be a member of Team Betty 2015 of Betty Designs. It’s quite an honor to be a member of a group of bad ass women who are all energic and inspiring about triathlon, sport and helping other women.

Our logo is the Butterfly and the Skull, which is cool on many levels. Not only is betty_designsthe uniform super fun and sporty, but for me, these symbols tell a story about strength and redemption. I loved wearing the kit in 2012 because I loved it and now I can’t tell you how tickled I am to be a Betty!

Team Betty is the Team of Betty Designs and sponsored by GoPro, Bonk Breaker, Asics, Nuun, Nytro and Roka. If you want to buy some skull and butterflies of your own please click my link here and hopefully I’ll have some fun promos to pass on throughout the year!

Betty in Berlin!
Betty in Berlin!


19 thoughts on “I AM A BETTY!

  1. SEXY AWESOMENESS!! Quick bathing suit question for you! I just totally blew through a Reebok brand bathing suit this past month – swimming a lot more this winter – the suit it TOTALLY shot! Any care suggestions? Any brands that stand up to the YMCA’s chlorine a bit better?!! Thank you!

    1. Thx!! I actually don’t buy expensive suits to train in but go to swimoutlet.com and buy what I like to call my “cute-ugly” training suits. I buy a few at a time because the will all blow out from the chlorine. I’ve found that site to be best. 🙂

  2. So jealous! I missed the deadline for Betty having just gotten into all this ambassidor etc. thing late in the year. Do you have any insight on when the new 2015 designs will come out? Or whether they plan to change the waistband? A friend let me try on her kit, and the only thing I did not like on the Tri and bike shorts was the elastic waistband. I much prefer the yoga type band on my sugoi and soas shorts – I’m all in if they make that change!!

  3. Congratulations! 🙂 I love betty designs, but i had already applied for many other ambassadorships (and got them! WOOT!) Looking forward to seeing your new outfits!

      1. TriSports.com, Vanderkitten.com, and Team Tough Chik.
        I am still on the OGIO Advisory Staff, sponsored by Honey Stinger, and a RoadID Affiliate.
        I claim this year!!!

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