Positively Inspired: Coach Paige

I love a story of positivity and resilience and when I connected with Paige – she bubbled over with it.  Paige is an athlete and coach working to inspire others and I know she’ll inspire you!   She’s my first guest blog and I hope you’ll go over to her site and follow what she has to say!   Thank you Paige for sharing your words.


Greatness Defined by You

It can all come down to one second…one second can be the difference of getting to nationals or staying home.  One second is all that it takes in your race to lose faith in yourself.  One second to let the pain own you.  Every second (whether you are racing or not) you have a choice to act on that very moment. In one second, you can change your life.

Less than a second, is what kept me from making nationals my senior year of track.  It was my last opportunity to claim the national title and set to rest the dream I had worked for since freshman year.  Frustrating, but then I had a new second…

Oprah Winfrey says we all have a calling in life.  Deepak Chopra says we all have a gift, and Lady Gaga says we are all special and born that way.  I am not a world famous talk show host, spiritual guru, or superstar, but I have come into my own with a gift…the eyesight to recognize potential and the wisdom to apply it to myself.

I believe spiritual growth begins at birth and continues through one’s lifetime. As we grow we face obstacles and live through learning experiences, which ultimately shape the person we become.  This person as a whole represents every past moment they lived through, but is not defined by their past.  Many factors influence whether a person will see potential in themselves and in the world around them.  In my opinion, grade point average and test scores are not the only determining factor of wisdom. One can be wise in the classroom, wise on the streets, or wise with nature and beauty to name a few.  Once you learn that intelligence is found in many varieties, you can learn to apply your individual gifts to succeed.  Success that is defined by you.

Being on a team and competing at the national level for four years of college taught me so much about being a student and an athlete while facing setbacks and hardships along the way.  I am forever grateful for the friends made, abilities discovered and lessons learned while running for Keene State College… and I wouldn’t redo a moment.

Thanks to running and focusing on my goals, I was shown a way of life that is amazing, and totally in my control.  I coach at the collegiate level because it’s not only a calling, but I want to give the same opportunities I had to others.  I train post collegiate because competing is not only in my blood, but I want to show my family, athletes and friends that the sky is truly the limit.  I write because I believe you can never have too many passions and writing is art with words in my opinion…and I love art too!  Running and writing is what got me through many tough times and is what helped me define my dreams.  If you don’t set a goal, believe in yourself, and work hard to get there, you will never know what you are capable of.  We are all capable of greatness in one form or another…greatness defined by you.

In addition to documenting my adventures and revelations while running, I like to write and blog about things that I find to be small miracles in daily life or complicated events that I can’t comprehend.  This is how I find clarity and often a deeper understanding than I would have realized without picking up my pencil.  I have a message that needs to reach as many people as possible, and I hope if you are reading this that you will help spread my words.

Through my footsteps, my story and my blog I want to positively influence the world, not only because I feel responsible and want to, but because I know I can.  I want to help others see their life as one beautiful oblivion, with potential and possibility at every exciting or questionable crossroads.  My purpose is to help people from across the lifespan learn from the past, live in the present, and look, dream and build towards the future.  We owe it to ourselves to define our greatness.

As a certified coach and credentialed counselor, I strive to help others discover the strengths they have so they can make them stronger and make a difference too.  We are all in this together.  I hope that you all can find some inspiration in my actions and words as it will help keep me in stride too as I continue this journey.

The truth is, I am a product of a broken family.  A family that once held the world in their hands and lost it all along the way.  A family that was robbed of its potential from a ten year divorce, only to end with my mother dying of an undetected cancer…leaving five children to grow up without the guidance of a mother.

Somehow though, while it wasn’t always easy, my feet kept moving forward, as they do for all of us.  It’s like our feet have a mind of their own!  They lead us closer and closer to our destiny with every road they turn down…growing stronger, more confident and learning from every storm or hill endured on the way.

Pain touches all of us in different ways and is something we all share and understand uniquely. The same way we all share that internal drive to lace up our shoes and hit the ground running…even if we can’t always muster the motivation.  It is our internal instinct that reminds us, we are going somewhere, no matter what our pace is.  Running made me realize I was apart of something bigger than me and that I can design my race course.  It’s a pretty powerful thing.  Because even if we run alone, we are connected and understood by a global community of people with different stories and reasons for why we continue to follow our feet and dreams.  And that, to me, is why I love this sport.

We are never alone.

By following my footsteps and trusting my feet, I have discovered and designed my own beauty in life and paved a path to success, success defined by me. Which brings me here…I just recently realized how easily I can begin to reach people through the online world of blogging.  I am so excited to learn your stories, share my own, and hopefully connect with many of you. I hope that if you like my words and posts, or know anyone who may benefit, that you please help spread my words and website.  I hope to hear what exactly it is that you want to do with your greatness and what it is that you may do with your next second…




One thought on “Positively Inspired: Coach Paige

  1. Very well writte , I love your perspective. You don’t dwell on what has happened to you in life, you learn and build, using it as tour experience, strength and hope. Thank you for sharing.

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