My TEDx talk -a 2015 Highlight

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It’s with great pride that I share my TEDx talk called “Why You Should Spill Your Secrets” that I gave in November at Stony Brook University. It was a great honor and was absolutely a dream come true to have this experience sharing something I feel so passionately about: authentic connection. And without ruining the surprise, I’ll tell you that there is an athletic performance connection too!

Please take a moment to view my talk and to let me know how it struck you. You now get to see my words come ‘live’ for the first time.  A very Happy New Year to all.  In Germany they say, Guten Rutsch! which means slide into the New Year – and I think that sounds like a lot of fun!




4 thoughts on “My TEDx talk -a 2015 Highlight

  1. Elizabeth–what a wonderful talk! I loved hearing your words, although I’ll always enjoy reading them too. I could share so many of these situations from my youth–things people said, or how I was treated, or when I was left out/teased for falling short of shallow expectations. I love how you encourage others to write and speak about this pain. When I started my therapy journey, I did a lot of internal talk where I pulled forward the memories, kissed them and cleaned house on the belief that any of them were moments or labels that defined my character. Sure, the hurt child appears every now and again–and I find myself going back to the well for self esteem. But the trip is shorter and far less burdensome than it was in the past.
    I’ve posted this to my Facebook page to share with others! Thank you for your courage!
    And, by the way–you are beautiful inside, outside, and all around. Peace.

    1. Thank you so much for watching, sharing and for the kind words. What I really loved about sharing this is that so many people, like you, have shared something with me. I felt success of this talk would be to help just one person. The feedback has been so dear to me and made it so worthwhile. Your self awareness is so evident, I know your story inspires many others. Have a beautiful new year – wishing you all the best! xox

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