Tips for Leadership


I wrote this from a business perspective, but as you know, I do feel that you can apply an athlete’s mindset to business and everything you do.  I’m doing my first triathlon of the season on Sunday and I’ll be looking forward to embracing some failure as well as some success in just getting out there and having some fun.   Enjoy!

Working as a recruiter in the financial services industry for 16 years, I can say that the best recruiters, managers and financial advisors use a straight-forward coaching approach. I decided long ago that the only way I knew how to do business was to be forthright as well as tenacious. These two skills served me well and continue to do so with McCourt Leadership Group.

Here are 3 tips that I use that you may want to incorporate into your business:

1. Empathetic Leadership – If you can empathize with your recruit, your client and/or your team, you can find out real issues that can be used to both of your benefits. It’s essential to find out someone’s true motivation because then you can be straightforward in your approach to serve them.

2. Embrace Failure – Not everything is going to work out the way you want it to.  You’re not going to land that client, your presentation might flop and that recruit may move somewhere else. Think of it as an opportunity to learn and be resilient. Learn from error and understand that even if you do everything perfectly it still might not fall your way. Know that this form of resiliency will make you stronger and better next time.

3. Be Honest – I’ve always found that if I told a client something that might not be so positive, they were more likely to trust the good things I told them. You have a vested interest in bringing in business, but do it in a way that respects your client, your recruit or your team. Do this and even if you don’t land that particular business, you will be the Plan A should something change and you’ll also be the one they refer business to.

Growing a successful business is about not only having a good product but connecting with clients and your team in a way that invites success. Coaching is a way to have insight into what you may be doing that might not be having the best outcome.  Or perhaps, harnessing a particular tool or value that can used to the betterment of your business.




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