100 Days of Resilience Project


resilienceI’ve been working on a personal project and am on Day 31 of my Resilience Training Project, otherwise known as #regulargalresilience or #100daysofresilience. This isn’t anything formal, but I wanted to see how I could push myself to be resilient in little ways. I talk about building resilience in sport and life and I’d be doing a disserve if I didn’t try to push my own limits, fail a little bit better and get genuinely uncomfortable. In fact, it’s taken me 30 days to start writing about it rather than it being my little secret project. I do want to know how you’re practicing resilience too, because this isn’t just about me because that would be so boring! Part of being resilient is being inspired by others – the ole’ if you can do it then maybe I can do it too trick.

One of the small things I’m failing beautifully with, and getting better everyday, is the yoga handstand. A part of me feels like if I can do a handstand, it will help me break through in other areas of my life. Handstand makes me feel incompetent and I have to stop myself from thinking everyone does it better than me. So I’m trying a handstand everyday and I fail spectacularly at it– that’s awesome! I’m not accepting that failure is the end, only that it’s part of the journey. Will I ever have the courage to do a handstand on a rock mound in Joshua Tree? I just deleted the ‘probably not’ I was going to write and am changing that to f-yeah, I’m going to try, because that is part of being resilient.


I’m trying lots of little things in this project and in 30 days there have been results. Sometimes it’s as simple as pressing send on an email I wasn’t sure if I wanted to send and not driving myself bananas waiting for a reply. If I don’t get a reply, then my resilience tells me to try again. The other week I said yes to doing a triathlon even though I didn’t feel totally prepared and ended up with the fastest average bike time of my triathlon career. Then, I took a meeting without expectations and am starting to build a really exciting opportunity that has surprised me.

Part of this stems from my belief in trying things and embracing failure. Being a leader and having success doesn’t fall from the sky, but trying things, pushing myself and putting it out there gives me the opportunity and builds resilience. Sometimes we feel like a story of resilience has to be the big stuff, but I think the little stuff counts too. I’m just a regular gal trying her best and I hope this inspires you to be resilient too and share some of the little things that you’ve done to challenge yourself.

I would love to hear your snip-it of #regularresilience #regulargalresilience or #regularguyresilience to be a part of my book. There’s no apology necessary for giving something a try or wanting to do something big. Have fun failing spectacularly please!  I’ve got 70 more days to go or perhaps it’s going to become a crazy habit!

Email me or write in the comments because I really want to hear your stories! Please inspire me to keep going!








2 thoughts on “100 Days of Resilience Project

  1. Not quite sure if this falls under the category of being resilient, but I’m definitely trying to bounce back. 4 1/2 months ago I had a baby. Before I met my husband & before I got pregnant I was a very active triathlete. I even did a 70.3. Then I met my husband, we had a family crisis & triathlons got put on the back burner. Then I got pregnant & didn’t workout the entire 9 months. Then I had the baby & had health issues up until about a month ago. I’m finally to a point where I can get back at it & I’ll be damned if I don’t go out there & give it my all to try & get back to where I was. I may never get back to that point, but I’m gonna give everything I have trying.

    1. You are defining your own resilience with that attitude! I love it. You have the courage and positive attitude to try and my guess is that you are going to surprise yourself with what you accomplish. Your body hasn’t forgotten, it’s just been recovering and resting. You have a key tool– a positive attitude. Thank you for sharing your resilience story! 🌟 I’m cheering for you!

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