Eagleman Report: Can a Bad Race Be the Best Race?

This blog post popped up again on Facebook and it really made me smile especially since I’m now works on a book about resilience. How have you been resilient lately? What have you failed spectacularly at? I say this with love and gratitude because as in this post, sometimes the times we screw it all up are the times when are true self shines brightly!

Triathlon Obsession

The photo that won the #IronEagleStrong contest! The photo that won the #IronEagleStrong contest!

I was really looking forward to heading back down to Maryland to do the Eagleman. It’s the only away triathlon I’ve gone to that has descent food choices and I get to stay in Easton, which is nostalgic because it was the name of my freshman dorm at the University of Check-INMaryland.

Nostalgia aside, I was prepared for the race, but not overly so. I’d spent a lot of time in NYC since January going to school for coaching and the week of the race I was there for 3 days. I loved my 3 full days of school, having dinner with friends and I did manage a run in Relaxing the night before! Relaxing the night before! Central Park so I couched it all as “taper.” (And yes, now I’m a leadership and executive coach!) I headed home Thursday night and Friday morning my friend arrived…

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2 thoughts on “Eagleman Report: Can a Bad Race Be the Best Race?

  1. Thank you for this reminder about resilience! I’ve been slammed with a lot of life stress lately, and have been a bit hard on myself–now giving myself permission to lighten up, at least a little 🙂

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