Wishes for an Auspicious Start to the New Year

There is something auspicious about the start of a new year. It’s a slate wiped clean, a fresh start and sometimes a good excuse to try something new and different. On the other hand, it’s just another day and not much has to change unless you want it to.

I saw someone jogging by my house this morning whom I’d never seen before. He was wearing a Champion light grey sweatshirt and matching sweatpants and they were soaked. I said hello, but he was huffing and could only manage a partial wave. New Year’s resolution I thought, and then I gave him extra props because it was lightly raining and even I had opted to workout inside this morning after I walked my dog. The  lesson is this, no matter how crappy it is, keep on pushing forward and pivot if you need to.

We can use this concept for leadership. There are going to be times when you have a new idea or new direction and the beginning is rocky and you might be tempted to throw in the towel. Give it a chance towork. Push through the ugly stuff and pivot if you have to. Understand that not all great ideas are going to work out, sometimes they deserve the slush pile. But sometimes, you work though the muck and end up with something pretty great and maybe even transformative.

I’m hoping to see grey sweat suit guy here and there this winter because I really hope he keeps up with it. But even just seeing him running in the rain, struggling along, gave me pause and inspiration. If he can do it, then I can do whatever it is that I’m striving towards too.  #regulargalresilience #100daysofresilience



6 thoughts on “Wishes for an Auspicious Start to the New Year

  1. Thanks for helping the rest of us focus on the positive. Much more challenging for me since a certain November event that will go unnamed, but trying to remember that challenges make us stronger in the end.

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