Building Resilience Through Art


A workout might be part of my everyday, but art is something I try to incorporate in my life either through my own writing or investigating the art of others. The artists I admire most are the ones that experiment and break rules, enduring over time. Not unlike any sort of physical endeavor, we must experiment with ourselves in order to find what works particularly for us. In this way, we learn to be resilient and it is through this resilient nature that we endure to find success.

I published An Artist that Inspires Resilience: Cornelia Schleime at the Berlinischer Galerie because I found both her work and story to be compelling. I find when we read and inform ourselves about the resilience of others, it can inspire us in some way in whatever we may be doing. Perhaps it’s a physical challenge or even a project that just isn’t getting off the ground. Maybe if it’s part of the #regulargalresilience thought that if she can do that, then I can do this. Wherever you may find inspiration, know that resilience can be built. Part of mine just happens to be through art.

Enjoy reading about my visit to Berlin at the Berlinischer Galerie Museum for Modern Art this past December along with the artist who remains in my thoughts and inspires me:


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