Quiz: How Resilient Are You?

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I had a fun opportunity when I was asked to try using a quiz on my website by the company Tryinteract. I think quizzes can be fun and I think everyone has at one point done a Facebook quiz to find out which superhero they would be, or what age they really are, or what city should they live in. It’s a lightweight way of engagement. (Try the quiz here.)

A few years ago I started this blog both to practice writing for an audience and also to teach myself to be more tech-savvy. I also wanted an outlet for my passion of triathlon and writing –it was an excellent experience that lives on.  Then, with the helpful support of a friend,  I taught myself twitter and developed an audience, tweeting about leadership, women and sport. Doing a quiz felt like another fun step.

Immediately I knew that the theme of my quiz would be resilience. This is who I am, what I write about and a very strong characteristic of the clients I work with in my coaching business. However, I also knew that I didn’t want the quiz to be long or complicated, nor did I want the only way to get the answers would be for the quiz taker to have to give me their email. Of course, the point of a quiz is marketing, but I’m of the mindset that you need to give people value. If I can give the gift of a fun quiz that gets people to think and check out some of my work that’s great.

If you’re ever thinking about doing a quiz yourself, this one with Tryinteract was easy and had a ton of templates and wonderful support. I’m still fairly low-tech, but give me instructions and I can put together just about anything. Call it the IKEA of quizzes!  I got good advice to make it short and that people like pictures to keep them engaged. I could use my own pictures or they have a huge database of pictures to choose from, which makes it easy.

I’m still in the beginning stages of roll out of the quiz so I don’t know if it’s increased my traffic substantially. However, more importantly, the people who I asked to take and sample it enjoyed it.  Some found they were more resilient then they gave themselves credit for; another said the result was a great description of how they feel they are. That made me feel like it was a successful project for me. I’m going to play with it a bit more to see if I can leverage it positively for both my current clients and others.

The cost of using a quiz like this seems on par with other similar services. I was fortunate to be asked to test the project to see if I liked it and then share if I did. I do not get paid if you take the quiz, nor are you required to give me your email.  Just enjoy the 6 questions and find out your resilience. If you do want to do one yourself, please use my referral link if that’s of interest. If you have any thoughts about it, I’d love to hear them so I can make it an even better experience. I think I’d like to add a share button but that will be the next round of instructions.

In the meantime – it’s on the contact page of my website: McCourt Leadership Group.  Please enjoy finding out how resilient you are!

Waimea Bay Shorebreak, N. Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Waimea Bay Shorebreak, N. Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

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