What’s Your Theme Song?

Maybe it’s me, but I love music and nothing gets me pumped up for a race or a presentation, like my latest theme song. I have several, yes, and they vary depending on what I’m preparing for. It’s part of the theory of the “Power Pose” from Amy Cuddy or finding your inner strength, or what I like to call “Inner Warrior” to give you mojo for what you’re about to accomplish.

Think about a song that can really get you fired up so that when you start whatever it is that you are going to do, that you do it with verve and mojo! Put your earbuds in or sit in your car prior to walking over to the start line or the office.

It’s a little trick that’s fun, motivating and never ceases to give me more confidence for what I’m doing. Everybody can use a warrior –it’s a creative and practical way to add energy to what you’re doing.

Enjoy the Japanese lady version of my latest theme song by Bruno Mars: “24 Karat Magic”

IMG_3208 (1).PNG




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