Resilience Through Loss

I’ve experienced a lot of loss in my life. I moved back to NY because my father was dying, then my best friend died unexpectedly and not long after that my mother got ill and died too. I can’t tell you that I didn’t have some very low moments, but I did find a way to be resilient. I’m writing about some of this in my book Toughen Up Buttercup, which is a mantra of mine when I need to refocus.

In the meantime, Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg have written a book called Option B. Let’s face it, sometimes Option A isn’t possible so we need, per Sandberg, “to kick the shit out of Option B.” One of my gifts in this world and in coaching, is the ability to be with this kind of darkness and challenge my clients to reach deep for their resilient selves.

Sharing your stories of loss not only builds resilience, but connection.    Below is a great article that talks about their story in Option B and how to gain strength from your darkest times.


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