From Blogging to Book

Over the past few years, I’ve written a lot and have gotten published –and my novel is set to come out in early 2018!  Back when I was getting my MFA, I struggled, rarely got pieces accepted and got discouraged, often leading me to times where I couldn’t write  at all. Something changed for me and part of it has to do with mindset. First, I started a blog here to see if I could write regularly (and as a goal to help me finish my novel). It’s been a good run and although I still love triathlon, my life has morphed in other directions too.  I learned that longer didn’t mean better and that people connected with personal things. Then I started writing for On Wall Street magazine which was exciting but different. I learned how to be more journalistic in my writing and it was great to show my expertise in the industry. I published more and more and realized that the act of writing was not only improving my craft but making me less self conscious. Eh, I thought, some people won’t like it but others will, just press send.

Pressing ‘send’ became a strategy for me, which helped in my communications as well. I’d sometimes agonize over an email. No more: Just press send! There was a freedom in this and I felt good, more confident even. Then back to the novel. This year I also started working on a non-fiction book that I’m quiet passionate about. Rather being instructive as intended, it’s become a memoir of my own stories of screw ups and resilience—Toughen Up Buttercup is what I’m calling it. But, I became determined that I would publish the novel this year even if I had to do it all myself and self-publish. I paid someone to do yet another edit because working on it for so long, I could no longer see errors.

I met an editor through my writing and musings on twitter and after a few conversations she was surprised I had a novel. She asked to read it, liked it, asked to pitch it, and now its being published by Post Hill Press in early 2018. To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement. Since writing the book, The Chicks Billy & Michael in 2nd grade, I’ve known I wanted to publish a book. It’s taken me a very long time, but soon the world will read Sin in the Big Easy (a new title) and it will be official. Part of me is scared, because people always think fiction is true. The truth is that there is a piece of me in every character, because without that, they would fall flat. And I can’t care that some will think it’s true and judge because I’m no longer going to let that thwart me. I can’t. Toughen Up Buttercup is calling me and is jealous of her sister book getting to the shelves first!

Thank you all who have been my regular readers and support all these years. You’ve helped me achieve my dream of becoming an author and I’m grateful!






4 thoughts on “From Blogging to Book

  1. Good post. I have lived through the “just hit send” experience. That is such a good principle in all of life. I too am writing a memoir type book of my experiences and mess ups and have found it to be a refreshing experience; like hitting “refresh” on my computer. Yeah, it is lots of fun. And, in the last few weeks I have heard from people who have read my other small books I self published a decade. Amazing that they can remember so much detail of the stories. I would have never thought, but I “just hit send,” you might say. Sometimes I think all we really need is enough courage.

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