Two Weeks Until Publication


I enjoy a book around 250 pages, give or take, and mine turned out to be 208.  Part of it has to do with type setting and the other word choice and editing. Over the years I edited and edited this book, gave it to others to edit and then my publisher put a keen eye on it as well. My guess is that it’s possible we missed something tiny but hopefully not anything glaring that would make me cringe. A book is a process and it was really hard for me to finally say that this was finished and ready for anyone to see. That’s why I’m so grateful for the many people who helped by reading, editing and encouraging me, really just providing the support I needed to get it done.

I’m trying to relish in the “wow” of having a book out but I’ll admit my brain is also working on the next project.  One is the non-fiction leadership book proposal I was working on when this book got picked up and the second one is the continuation of Abby’s story because I’ve gotten some sweet feedback that people want to know what happens next.  I started writing this in this little nook of a bar I found in Paris in December. You know when you find a spot that makes you feel creative?  Yes, I didn’t know they existed either, but they apparently do in the Bastille district of Paris with a house white that suited me just fine…different then my little spots when I lived in New Orleans. I’m older now, of course, and with different tastes and desires which will perhaps make it into the next story.

Here’s the best pre-read review I’ve gotten so far:

I love so many things about Abby–most of all her regular person-ness.  (If that is a word).  She doesn’t have superpowers, she’s not an intrepid private eye or a jaded veteran DA.  She’s young, fresh and makes the same mistakes that we all do.  

It’s available at in both kindle and paperback in the US and UK and kindle elsewhere for now.   Thank you!




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