From Small Town Girl to Author


Growing up in the Hamptons, one very important goal I had was to ‘get out.’ Sure, it’s a beautiful idealistic place to live, but when you’re young it feels so very small. My hometown library, East Hampton Library, was a part of my personal education and escapism. Not only did I want to read every book in this beautiful library, but I hoped that someday, they would have one of my books there too. Getting invited to the summer benefit at the East Hampton Library with my novel Sin in the Big Easy (Post Hill Press, March 2018) was not only an honor, but a dream come true.

Funny enough, someone asked me, how am I going to ‘spin this’ because this isn’t ‘leadership work.’  Ah, I said, this is actually what my next book is about! We are the culmination of our experiences and by creatively expanding ourselves and capabilities, we are in a better position for both connection and understanding in helping others. And that, my friends, is understanding on how to be a better leader!

Does the path to leadership or success have to be one-note or linear?   I’m interested in your thoughts and stories because I’d love to share more than my own personal experience. Please write a comment below or reach out to me via my website:


2 thoughts on “From Small Town Girl to Author

  1. My leadership understanding and practice has been informed by so many things that have interwoven over the years: 18 years an infantry officer, including commanding on combat operations and as head of leadership at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and leading over 30 expeditions to the mountains, whitewater rivers and rainforests with the world. One of the biggest influences has been joining a film crew for the BBC, charting ten young people with disability on a gruelling 340 km expedition across in Ecuador and this caused me to challenge everything I thought I knew about leadership. This path has led me to continue to work on inclusion and also to live with traditional cultures in the Costa Rican rainforest and the wetlands of Bangladesh to learn from them.

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